Download BlueTunes

Download the latest version (for Windows XP only) here:

Prithy good sirs and madams download it, and savour its many tastes - not merely for its visual splendour and rich tapestry of digital graphical representational aspects (be forewarned kind traveller for there is much to intrigue and delight) but also for its superior organisational properties. Underpinned by a funloving free-music aesthetic and a thirst for the new and experimental, may you bask and thrive in its abundance of joys and wonderfulnesses. "If music be the food of love", said the great bardic poet, "then play on". Let us all play on, and on embodying all ambits of these words - let us play music, let us play in the grounds of our imagination, but most of all, let us not read any sexual undertones into the word play.

-Nick Croggon

Changes are detailed here.

Want the source? Yes, it's GPL'ed.

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