What is BlueTunes?

It displays your music collection in 3D.
It plays your music.

Current Features

  • Plays MP3, WMA, AAC, MPC, and any other format Winamp can. (using winamp plugins)
  • Displays your music collection in 3D, grouped by albums.
  • Sorts by artist name, album name, date acquired, date released.
  • Searches across your entire collection at each keypress, iTunes style.
  • Takes "best guess" at your collection's organization, and at names, based on tags, folder names, and filenames.
  • Respects your music collection. Does not copy it anywhere else like iTunes does.
  • Keeps "in-sync" with with your music collection... add files to your big music collection folder, press refresh in BlueTunes, and the new files show up. Deleted files are removed.

Coming Features

  • Download CD covers
  • Identify which tracks are missing from album*
  • Identify duplicate albums automatically
  • Mark faulty tracks manually / automatically*
  • Fix MP3 tags / filenames manually / automatically*
  • Transfer to/from iPod**
  • Transfer to/from other portable devices
  • Connect to other people's computers to browse their collection
  • Different views of your music, e.g. on a shelf
  • *Using Musicbrainz database
    **Code based off ml_ipod.





    5th April 2006

    Version 0.52

    • Free-form zooming view on right mouse button drag.
    • Playlist undo/redo.
    • Much less CPU usage.
    • Chooses best cover image in folder.
    • Colour changes.
    • Fixed whacky bugs.


    26th March 2006

    Version 0.51

    Fixes crash on folder change.


    24th March 2006

    Version 0.50 released!

    Big changes. A lot better.


    3rd September 2005

    Version 0.30 released!
    "Better than version 0.20"


    15th April 2005

    Version 0.20 released.